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Locked in the Attic

Locked in the Attic

Suitable for 4-6 people        Book Now

You’ve just moved in to a new place and have found a hidden door that leads up to the attic. You go in to explore but the door quickly closes behind you and you need to find a way out before you end up in the doomed “scrapbook of those who have come before”. The cobwebs are no big deal – you can handle those – but the secrets that lie within the 4 walls may be harder to overcome.

  • Difficulty Level 70%
  • % of Successful Escapes 80%
  • Fun Factor 100%


Suitable for 4-6 players        Book Now

After applying for what seems like hundreds of jobs, you’ll finally been called for an interview at a company you’ve never heard of before. As you head in to the office, it dawns on you that the company has recently been in the news because of suspicious staff disappearances. But by then it’s too late. The door locks behind you and you’re trapped. Discover the company’s secrets before you’re the next statistic!

  • Difficulty Level 80%
  • % of Successful Escapes 70%
  • Fun Factor 100%

Blueprint for Disaster

(coming soon)
Suitable for 3-4 people        Book Now

WCB has just been called out to your construction site, and they’ll be there for days writing up incident reports and sorting through the chaos. Your project manager has asked you to get to the site first to hide any evidence of neglect, injury, and foul-play. You only have an hour before WCB arrives, but will that be enough time to clean up the mess and avoid becoming another injured worker yourself?

  • Difficulty Level 85%
  • % of Successful Escapes 60%
  • Fun Factor 100%

Time is of the Essence

Your team will only have one hour to unlock the clues and solve the mysteries within your chosen playroom. If you escape before the hour is up, you’ll be added to the “Wall of Fame” and earn credits towards your next escape.

Teamwork & Focus

You don’t have to be brain surgeons to escape, but you will need to put your heads together and think outside the box to solve the clues.

Need help? Or want out?

Need some help figuring out a clue? Need a bathroom break? No problem! Each playroom is equipped with a doorbell. Ring the bell and one of our ‘Fun-Facilitators’ will be happy to either give you a clue or let you out.

Communication is KEY!

Our playrooms are loaded with all sorts of different clues, puzzles, and shenanigans, and good communication between you and your teammates is crucial in order to solve all the mysteries within the hour.

Wii Party Room

Suitable for 4-12 people

Looking for something more to do after you’ve escaped a room? Book some time in our Wii Party Room and have fun laughing, dancing, singing, bowling, driving, and more! There’s a wide variety of games available to choose from, and you’re welcome to bring in some pizza, birthday cake, and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy in the adjoining board room.

Bring your co-workers, youth-group, single friends, teammates, or club members and rent the room for as little as 1/2 hour or all day! It’s perfect for team-building events, bachelor or stagette parties, singles nights, birthday parties, club events, etc. Call or email for more info. We’re here to help!

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